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Maricopa High School Searching for a Tennis Coach

Maricopa High School is in search of a tennis coach for their Varsity Girls Tennis Team! This is a great opportunity for a coach to build up and create a strong tennis program. Last year the team was made up of 7-8 energetic, enthusiastic and motivated girls who love to play and want to be coached! The girls are competitive and ready to improve and develop their game. Angela James, a mother of one of the players on the team, expressed her admiration for the team last year, as she watched the more experienced girls inspire and motivate the beginners. “If we get the same group of girls back and a good coach, we’ve got the makings of a great team!” 
Maricopa High School is a part of 4A Division II. A classified can be found here. The Athletic Director, Shannon Hull, can be reached at shull@musd20.org.
Maricopa High School
45012 W. Honeycutt Ave.
Maricopa, AZ 85139