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Dan Konchan Memorial Tournament Was A Success

The Dan Konchan Memorial Tournament was held October 15-17, 2011 at Scottsdale Ranch Park, Indian School Park, and Gene Autry Tennis Center. The tournament was extremely successful this year with $3,525 raised for the Junior Scholarship Fund and 235 participants from all over the section participated. There were also competitors from Washington, Illinois, Texas and California. Tournament t-shirts were provided by Arizona Hearing and Balance Center and the Fucci Family.

Many thanks to the tournament director Tracy Lawson, and volunteers; Sally Grabham, Beth and Kenzie Kaper, Lynn Fucci, Bob Capron, Ruth Shoffner, Ashley Redman and Spencer Wayman of the USTA Central Arizona Junior Council for their hard work and for putting in long hours at the tournament desks! 

Final singles standings are below with Central Arizona players dominating the finals: 

Boys 18 Singles:  Winner:  Nolan Bauer (CAZ)  ; Finalist:  Hunter Johnson

Boys 18 Silver Singles:  Winner  Hudson Blake (CAZ); Finalist Joaquin de Leon (CAZ)

Boys 16 Singles:  Winner:  Joshua Hedderig (CAZ); Finalist:  James Ponwith (CAZ)

Boys 14 Singles:  Winner:  Michael Lee ; finalist: Carlos Hassey (CAZ)

Boys 14 Silver Singles:  Winner:  Jarod Hing (CAZ) ; Finalist: Christopher Fucci (CAZ)  

Boys 12 Singles:  Winner: Sebastian Herrera ; Finalist Harsh Parikh

Boys 10 Singles:  Winner: Filipe Costa (CAZ) ; Finalist Jonathan Auh (CAZ)  


Girls 18 Singles: Winner: Hailey Rochin (CAZ) ; Finalist Mariely Hassey (CAZ)

Girls 16 Singles: Winner:  Allie Sanford (CAZ) ; Finalist Savanah Slaysman (CAZ)

Girls 14 Singles: Winner: Reagan Posorske (CAZ) ; Finalist Shaila Alda (CAZ)  

Girls 12 Singles:  Winner:  Elizabeth Isayev (CAZ) ; Finalist  Anya Lamoreaux (CAZ)

Girls 12 Green Singles: Winner:  Hailey Stelse (CAZ) ; Finalist McKenna Koenig (CAZ)  

Girls 10 Singles:  Winner:  Maria Behrend ; Finalist Rayna Shah (CAZ)


About the Dan Konchan Memorial Tournament

Dan Konchan was a Central Arizona and Southwest Section ranked junior player from Scottsdale, who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2002 while on his way to school. He was 17 years old.

This tournament has been held in Dan’s memory every year since 2004, with the net proceeds going to the USTA Central Arizona Junior Scholarship Fund.

The Junior Scholarship Fund has helped local juniors in financial need, with travel expenses so that they can compete in tournaments they wouldn't otherwise be able to play. Many juniors have been able to pursue their dream of playing higher level tennis because of opportunities given to them by the Junior Scholarship Fund.

All monies collected, after costs, are donated to the USTA-Central Arizona Junior Scholarship Fund.