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Central AZ participates at Super Kids Day

Almost 300 special-needs students from the Scottsdale Unified School District took part in a Super Kids Day event on February 23, 2011 at Mountain View Park. Pam Evans, the district’s lead adaptive physical education teacher, organized and directed the event, finding volunteers and activities that were accessible and fun to all the children and their various disabilities. She also coordinated with the district’s high schools, and many of their students were able to volunteer during the morning. Among the many activities available for the kids, including rock-climbing, horse-riding and craft-making, was a USTA Central Arizona QuickStart tennis station. Seven USTA volunteers from around the area donated their time and introduced the kids to tennis by hitting over a 36’ court using foam balls or even by doing some tennis bowling! Many kids were able to have success right away and had a great time. The volunteers included Beth Kaper, Al Sondergaard, Sally Grabham, Spencer Wayman, Danica Dunn, Jeff Sikes and Taylor Cochrane.
How does one judge the success of the QuickStart play format? Is it with the execution of tennis skills or the number of times a child can hit the ball over the net? I would say it is the number kids smiling when they walk away after experiencing the game,” says Spencer Wayman. “All day long, I never saw a child walk away without a smile.
This was Super Kid’s Day twelfth year in existence, and USTA Central AZ hopes to be a continued part of it in the future.