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CAZ Player Christopher Krimbill Wins the Katherine Willette Leadership Scholarship

Chris KrimbellIn 2009, World TeamTennis started a new scholarship program to recognize Katherine Willette. who has helped run the WTT Junior Nationals Tournament in San Diego for over fifteen years. The scholarship annually awards $300 to one male and one female attendee of WTT Junior Nationals. Winners are chosen based on essays that they submit which demonstrate a variety of lessons learned, friendships made, and the impact of the co-ed team format on the individual player and his or her team. 

Two participants from the 2010 World Team Tennis Junior Nationals Tournament were awarded the Kathy Willette Leadership Scholarships after having life changing experiences through taking part in the tournament.   Christopher Krimbill (Soutwest Team, pictured left) of Scottsdale, Ariz. was the the male recipient and has been granted a scholarship award of $300 from WTT Charities for his achievement.  Congratulations Christopher!
Friends Through Competition
By Christopher Krimbill
Katherine Willette Leadership Scholarship Essay Winner
15, 30, 40, Game. The objective: Winning?  Friendship?  Competition?   Your opponent…  Your enemy?   Your friend?!  The game of tennis can evolve to much more than just a game. Players become legends, and history is always re-written.  The WTT event in San Diego helped proved that you can create an unknown bond on and off the court. Friendship when not playing, respect from the battle endured, and the bond created as a result of competition. During the WTT event in San Diego, competition brought teams closer and created friends with players from around the country off the court. I met players my age from around the country and even in the Southwest where I live, but I had never met them before. Before the tournament ended I already seemed to have known these kids forever, and I now see them at tournaments or practice with them. Memories of our time in San Diego will never be forgotten and our results on the court gave us confidence for our future in tennis. Off the court, I soon recognized people who I had played during the tournament and came to respect from our matches against each other. Always friendly enough to ask how I was doing in the tournament, I would ask in return how their team was competing. The most memorable thing was making a friend from the Northern Galaxy team named Pat that we didn’t even play against. One day he had asked to warm-up with me and from that day on I supported him and his team as he would do for mine. I may never see him or other friends I made again but they created a lasting memory that was life changing. Another impact from the WTT was the new format and co-ed team play. I loved getting to work on a team and believe this should be implemented more into tournaments.  Singles can be a lonely event so the team aspect made this tournament so much fun.  The singles, doubles, and mixed doubles was also a fun opportunity and great preparation for college tennis. The atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie will help with a transition into the high school tennis season and tennis in college. During our lunches when we would have speakers talk to us, I learned a great deal from the college questions and the Egoscue presenter. I enjoyed playing at the Barnes Tennis Center facility and I am thankful for my experience in playing this amazing event. The kindness and support from Billie Jean King is inspirational and it was exciting to meet the tennis legend in person. I cannot wait to play the WTT tournament in San Diego, California, next year, and grow as a player and person from the competition of tennis.