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Local League Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for New League Players

I am a new/inexperienced player, can I play on a USTA League team?
Yes!  The USTA Leagues offer playing opportunities for all skill levels of play – Beginners through Advanced Players.  To get started you need to self-rate your skill level using the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP).  Click here for more rating details.

What are the various league formats?
For the 2009 season, the USTA CAZ will offer a variety of different league formats so you can choose the one that suits your needs. The first is the traditional USTA Adult League 5 Court format with 3 courts of doubles and 2 courts of singles.  A new format for this year is an Adult Combo Doubles league with 3 courts of doubles. Additionally, we will offer a Mixed, Senior and Super Senior Leagues for 2009.
Click here for the complete 2009 League schedule.

How long does a season last?
USTA CAZ leagues may last 10-14 weeks. The exact number of matches will vary based on the number of teams enrolled in your league for that session. Each team may play a single or double round robin for each League session.

What do I have to do before I can play USTA League tennis?
First, you need to rate your playing ability level.  Then get your friends with the same rating together to form a team.  You need 8-12 players to form a team.  If you would like to be placed on a team call the USTA
Central Arizona office at (480) 951-4333 or email Linda@PhoenixTennis.com.

How can I find a team?
Contact your local tennis facility to see if they have an existing team at your NTRP level.  If not, ask your local tennis pro or facility manager for help forming a team.  Or, call the USTA Central Arizona office and our League Coordinator will help get you on a team.

I have enough players to start a USTA League Team, how do I do it?
Call the USTA Central Arizona office and ask for the League Coordinator.   They will help you get started including assigning you a team number which all of your players will use to register online at TennisLink.

What are the responsibilities of a captain?
The primary responsibility of the team captain is to coordinate the play, communication with players and league rule compliance for their team.  Of course, the USTA CAZ League coordinator provides captains assistance including holding training sessions for new captains.  For more information on the responsibilities of a captain click here, or call the USTA CAZ office at (480) 951-4333.

How does a player register for a team?
Team members register online at USTA.com.  Players will need to get their team number from their captain to complete the registration process.
Where are matches played?
Matches are played at your home facility and at the facilities of the other teams participating in your league.  Each team is responsible for court reservations and fees for home matches.  For leagues played at a single facility, be sure to coordinate that facilities league director with our League Coordinator prior to registration.

Can I play on a private club team?
Yes, many private clubs form teams to play in USTA Leagues.  Contact your clubs pro or tennis director for more information.

When are matches typically played?
Matches are played Monday-Thursday for the Adult evening and Combo League with different NTRP ratings being played on different days. The Mixed Leagues play Friday, the Seniors play on Saturday and the Super Seniors play on Sunday. For a complete schedule of days played go to www.PhoenixTennis.com and click on Adult leagues.

FAQ for Returning USTA League Players

What ‘s new for the 2008/2009 season?
More Players, More Fun!  USTA CAZ is expanding our league offering for the upcoming season to make USTA League Tennis available to more Valley players.   As the world’s largest recreational tennis league, operating for 28 years throughout the U.S., CAZ wants to continue and grow upon the USTA League’s tradition of competitive play at your level, meeting new people and fun.  So look for:
• New Formats:  In addition to the traditional 5 Court  format we are introducing a daytime Combo league that will play 3 courts of doubles.
• New Local Leagues:  We are offering facilities with multiple teams at the same NTRP level the opportunity to run a local league played solely at their facility with the winner advancing to the USTA CAZ District Championships.
• New Days, New Times:  Our new schedule offers additional days and times for most NTRP levels including morning leagues. 

Why is the USTA CAZ offering alternative league formats from the traditional 2 courts singles, 3 courts doubles format?
We want to give you and the other tennis players of Central Arizona more ways to play USTA League tennis.  The USTA National allows local leagues to utilize alternative league formats that meet the needs of their local tennis playing community.  In other areas and districts across the U.S., an all doubles format has proven to be very successful and popular so we want it to be available to you too. 

Do the USTA League Regulations apply to all the league formats?
Yes. Click here for the 2008 USTA League regulations.

Are there any major rule changes for the 2009 season?
Yes. Contact Linda Shipp, the Local League Coordinator for updates and changes to the Local league rules. The 2009 CAZ Local league rules-coming soon.
Will there be an end of season play-off event?
Yes, for the Adult and Mixed leagues.  The Adult USTA Central Arizona District Championship will be held
June 26-28, 2009. The Mixed District Championship will be held August 14-16, 2009