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USTA Phoenix Area is the local face of the United States Tennis Association.  It is committed to promoting the growth of junior and adult recreational and competitive tennis.

Started in 1968, this not-for-profit organization today has approximately 3,000 adult members, 1,000 junior members, and over 50 organization members comprised of private clubs, public facilities, and schools. 

USTA Phoenix Area's sponsors help further this goal with their generous donations of time and money, and without them the organization could not continue its great work.

We wish to thank our generous donors! 

Gerald D. Krause
Bob & Helen Howard
Robert Howard, Jr.
Eleanor J. Moss
Myra Ann G. Pearson
Elaine C. Ratkovich
Emmett J. Schoen Jr.
Virginia Axenfield
Dana Billingsley
George Druliner
Norm Greenman
Don Thompson
Auther Family Trust
Wayne Collins
Don Hollister
Bruce Kelly
Yoneo & Doris Asano
Jeanne Archer
Zora Moeller
Jean and Al Mannino
Robert Greenman
June M. Rudyk
Earl & Bev Schalin
Nat Laskin
Don Neu
Richard Maisiak
Huck Bullock
Gary L. Hattendorf
Michael J. Sterlacci
Lorraine & Bill Dicke
Joseph & Edrie Shenuski
Yoko Takada
Joan & William Roberts
Bettie H. Crawford
Dr. Noah Allen
Judi Cattaneo
Clarence & Ginger Renouard
Roz Goldberg
Dr. Lester M. Snyder
Paul & Marian Palmer
Jane Dooley
Paul Burns
Ben Celniker
The Jack Snyder Estate
R. B. Schoeneman
Timothy & Jill Russell
Andrew Pearlstein

If you would like to help USTA Phoenix enjoy continued success and improved programs, please send your tax-deductible donation to USTA Phoenix Area, 3228 E. Indian School Road, #105, Phoenix, Arizona, 85018.  Thank you very much!