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Register for USTA Flex Leagues in Phoenix Now!

December 17, 2009 10:12 PM

Do you want to play matches at your own pace and on your own time? Well now you can with USTA Flex Leagues. 

Registration for upcoming seasons of USTA Flex Leagues in the Phoenix metropolitan and Albuquerque, N.M. areas are always ongoing - so sign up now! 

Play tennis on YOUR time with USTA Flex Leagues

Phoenix was one of the first pilot markets for the USTA Flex League program in 2008, and is now the No. 1 program in the country, with more than double the participants of the next closest city thanks to your support!

Albuquerque began these flexible schedule leagues in 2009 and is already experiencing solid growth as people find that convenience and great matchplay are hallmarks of the Flex League program.
Registrations are forming for the Winter Season in Phoenix. Please sign up by January 12 via the
www.ustaflex.com site. If you need more information on the Flex League, please contact Phoenix Flex League Organizer Bob Zucker at phxflex@aol.com or (602) 741-6403.

For information about Flex Leagues in Albuquerque, please contact Flex League Organizer Terry Hernandez at terry.hernandez@comcast.net, or call (505) 296-4724.

USTA Membership is not required for these leagues, however the cost is $35 for non-members and $25 for USTA members.  

Log onto www.ustaflex.com to find out more about USTA Flex Leagues. 

Click here for Flex League Rules.  

Exciting training opportunities for Phoenix-area Flex League Players!
The winter season's Flex League in Phoenix also comes with a great new opportunity to help improve your game from ITUSA Tennis Academy, located at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch  
The Flex League in concert with ITUSA Tennis Academy will be offering 4 video analysis clinics in the month of January. Each clinic will focus on one item and last an hour and a half.

The cost is $35 for winter registered Flex League players and $40 for everyone else. You can register for the clinics at
www.itusatennis.com/ustaflexclinics. If you are registered in the 2010 winter Flex League, the Flex League Organizer Bob Zucker will send you a coupon code giving you a $5 discount per clinic.

Clinics will be offered at two different times and split between beginner/intermediate and advanced. Each session is limited to 16 players so sign up quickly if you are interested.
Below is more information and dates on the clinics.  
Special Stroke Analysis Clinic for USTA/Flex League
There are 5 basic tennis strokes - Forehand, Backhand, Volley, Serve and Overhead. 
Most people have only one or two weaknesses. 
Opponents exploit these weaknesses. 
The ITUSA® clinic will help you correct these problems to win more matches.
We will video your major weaknesses and provide you with the analysis, correction and training drills to improve it.
Cost per Clinic:
$35 per person/registered Winter USTA Flex League with promotional code
$40 per person/non registered Winter USTA Flex League

Location: Hyatt Gainey Ranch    

Choose a clinic below by REGISTERING HERE

ITUSA/Flex League Clinics
January 9th - Baseline Game - Intermediate (11:00am-12:30pm)
January 9th - Baseline Game - Advanced (12:30pm-2:00pm)
January 16th - Net Game - Intermediate (11:00am-12:30pm)
January 16th - Net Game - Advanced (12:30pm-2:00pm)
January 23rd - Serve and Return - Intermediate (11:00am-12:30pm)
January 23rd - Serve and Return - Advanced (12:30pm-2:00pm)
January 30th - Strategy and Special Shots - Intermediate (11:00am-12:30pm)
January 30th - Strategy and Special Shots - Advanced (12:30pm-2:00pm)