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102 Teams Participate in the 7th Annual Shine in the Sun Senior Tennis Tournament

November 19, 2009 09:03 PM

The Grand Tennis Club at Sun City Grand hosted the 7th Annual Shine in the Sun Senior Tennis Tournament November 11th thru the 15th. There were 102 teams participating.

Shine in the Sun Winners

The Tournament directors, Jill Kirkpatrick and Gayle Wegner, would like to thank Cigna Healthcare of America, Wealth Management Int. Ltd, Tennis Cabana, Credit Union West and Ken Meade Realty for their support. They would also like to thank Next Level Rehab for making massages available for the players and the Grand Tennis Club Volunteers for all their time. The Grand Tennis Club and their committees are looking forward to next year when they can invite everyone back to participate in five great days of tennis.


Men’s 4.0 First Place—Zolton Pataky and Curt Greaves

Second Place—Dave Kersey and Dean Terry

Third Place—Rich Flanagan and Jack Josse

Fourth Place—Sandy Dreskin and Mike Garvey

Men’s 3.5 First Place—Dave Henry and Craig Hauger

Second Place—Daniel Hofeditz and Rick Hofeditz

Third Place—Robert Doerschel and Terry Spross

Fourth Place—Tony DeBenedetto and Michael Zrymiak

Men’s 3.0 First Place—Fritz Klass and Jim Tibbitts

Second Place—Dennis Bowling and Carl Machala

Third Place—Richard Hustion and Warren Knowles

Fourth Place—Jack Dickstein and Howard Wallenberg

Women’s 4.0 First Place—Jill Kirkpatrick and Gayle Wegner

Second Place—Patricia Bowers and Sandra Spurlock

Third Place—Marty Franssen and Sharon McPherson

Fourth Place—Suzie Brinegar and Dolores Thain

Women’s 3.5 First Place—Gretchen Carlos and Maureen Richardson

Second Place—Shirley Barvian and Shirley Schroeder

Third Place—Aleta Brasso and Jan Hamann

Fourth Place—Jane Cohen and Mary Otrmann

Women’s 3.0 First Place—Barb Clark and Sue Sabo

Second Place—Gayle Hamer and Diane Nelson

Third Place—Catherine Barton and Jennifer Butz

Fourth Place—Yolanda Naedler and Judy Palzer

Combined Mixed 8.0 First Place—Lynda Pataky and Zoltan Pataky

Second Place—Glenda Myers and Scott Myers

Third Place—Vivian McCurdy and Steve Struck

Fourth Place—Leslie Baska and Gary Blandino

Combined Mixed 7.5 First Place—Lynne Carlyle and Craig Hauger

Second Place—Sandra Spurlock and Gary Hansen

Third Place—Cheryl Bush and Dave Schaum

Fourth Place—Charlene Thomas and Dave Thomas

Combined Mixed 7.0 First Place—Holly Masters and Dave Nelson

Second Place—Tonya Williams and Ken Williams

Third Place—Sue Kurkjian and Mike King

Fourth Place—Shirley Williams and Gerry Smith

Combined Mixed 6.5 First Place—Aileen Weir and Bob Edenhofer

Second Place—Patti Bush and Jim Bush

Third Place—Jacki Conn and George Conn

Fourth Place—Alice Swihel and Don Orseck