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Help Support USTA Central Arizona After-School Tennis!!!

October 15, 2009 07:23 PM


The tennis community has a unique opportunity to impact the lives of many of our young children, by giving them the chance to be introduced to the “sport of a lifetime” through an education-based school program. One of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and USTA Central Arizona’s top objectives is to grow the game of tennis is through physical education and After School Programs. Research has shown that we have lost many children to other team-based sports (i.e. baseball, soccer, basketball, & football). This can be attributed in part to tennis not being recognized as a true “team sport”. To address this challenge, the USTA has developed a curriculum, called QuickStart Tennis. QuickStart Tennis is a new, team-based curriculum designed to help kids ten and under learn how to play the game of tennis with equipment that is age specific. Just like other popular youth sports, QuickStart stresses the importance of team play and team competition.

USTA Central Arizona is laying the groundwork to become the Southwest Section schools program leader. Despite our status as one of the largest cities in the United States, until recently, USTA Central Arizona did not have a formalized schools tennis program. Over the past several months, USTA CAZ has started our programs and been able to introduce tennis to over 500 children, in five (5) school districts (Madison, Washington, Dysart, Tempe, and Chandler).

The overarching goals of our program include the following:

· Help young people succeed in life, using tennis as the pathway

· Get more kids playing tennis at a younger age

· Grow the base of community tennis players

· And, ultimately, create more tournament players (and, possibly the next world champion)

We are writing to request that you support our efforts with a charitable contribution. With the monies that you provide, we will be able to introduce tennis to under-served populations. This new approach to school tennis across the Valley will enable young people of all races and socio-economic status to come together in the common endeavor of tennis competition and learning. These children are the future of our game!

Your donations to USTA Central Arizona are 100% tax deductible as we are organized under Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Finally, anyone who sponsors a child for $150 will be entered to win tickets to the U.S. Open in 2010.

Thank you for your support of tennis!

Geoffrey Russell Ruth Shoffner

Managing Director, USTA CAZ Administrative Coordinator, USTA CAZ

_____ $150—USTA Central Arizona Adopt-a-Child: make this dream a reality for one young person in our community.

USTA Central Arizona Obligations to each Sponsor:

1. The sponsor will be recognized on the USTA CAZ and USTA CAZ After Schools Website as a contributor of the After School Tennis Program

2. The sponsor will receive an official USTA CAZ After Schools Polo Shirt

3. The sponsor will be entered to win a drawing for U.S. Open Tickets

Impact of Your Donation:

1. Give EVERY child an affordable opportunity to be introduced to the game of tennis and interact with other young people and adult teachers in a very supportive and fun environment

2. Allows the child to participate in four (4) six-week sessions, which practice one day per week

3. Facilitates the participation of the child in one QuickStart Tournament at the completion of the four (4) six-week session

4. Participate in two (2) organized QuickStart Junior Team Tennis JTT league seasons

_____ $2,000 – USTA Central Arizona Adopt a School

USTA Central Arizona Obligations:

1. All the above under adopt-a-child, plus:

2. Will receive two tickets to the U.S. Open, one night in the Grand Hyatt, and bus passes to the National Tennis Center

3. Entered to win a drawing for U.S. Open President’s Box Tickets

Impact of Donation: see above, but will give 40 children the affordable opportunity to be introduced to the game of through the after school program and Junior Team Tennis.

Enclosed is my sponsorship of:

___$100 ___$150 ____$500 ___$1,000 ___$2,000.00 $________

Patron Adopt-a-child Silver Gold Adopt-a-school Other

Name_______________________ Address _________________________ City ____________

State _____ Zip_______ Credit Card #_____________________________________________

Exp. ________ Name on Card ____________________________________________________

Signature _____________________________________ Phone __________________________

Please make checks payable to: USTA Central Arizona