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Beverly Coleman Retires from Tennis, Thanks Many and Introduces the New Tennis Instructor

April 11, 2008 08:36 PM

After 12 years of spearheading the development of youth tennis throughout the Verde Valley, Beverly Coleman, founder/director of the Beverly Coleman Tennis Academy (BCTA) announced her retirement from teaching tennis. At a luncheon hosted by longtime sponsor New Frontiers, Beverly acknowledged the many contributions of Marie Brown, Tom McBeth and a host of others who have been instrumental in the BCTA being able to introduce hundreds of Verde Valley youths to tennis.

The idea for a youth community tennis program was introduced in 1995 by the now retired, Community Clerk, Marie Brown who wanted the benefits of fun, recreational tennis to be made available to all Sedona youths regardless of athletic abilities or economic circumstances. When she became aware that Beverly Coleman had been a college and tour player as well as a tennis instructor and youth educator, Marie asked her to work with The City of Sedona to create a youth tennis program. Subsequently, Marie has been instrumental in assisting Beverly and the BCTA bring quality tennis instruction and related activities to our youth.

With the assistance of Tom McBeth, former director of tennis at the Enchantment Resort, the BCTA was able to have its first statewide fundraising tournament which, along with other resources Tom has contributed to the BCTA, made it possible to expand youth tennis to the Yavapai-Apache Nation and other communities. (Tom remains involved with the tennis community through his new profession as a hypnotherapist.

Beverly also partnered with New Frontiers Natural Food Marketplace to introduce the BCTA's participating families to healthier nutrition. New Frontiers provided organic produce, juices, healthy snacks and sports nutrition education at most of the BCTA's tennis tournaments, camps and interclub round robins. Special recognition was also given to the M & I Bank, Radisson, ILX Resorts, VOCA, Webers IGA, Marc Sterling (accountant) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA). It would not be possible here to acknowledge all of the volunteers who contributed time and resources over these 12 years; however, the community should know several who volunteered their teaching skills week after week to personally assist our community's youth oncourt: Nate Brown, Char Cecil, Luke Dumyahn, Bob Chadwick, Tom Cadigan, Greg Drebert, and Gordon Bradley (who designed and handcrafted many of the BCTA's unique court and teaching aides).

Finally, Beverly spoke with great appreciation for the countless contributions of the BCTA Board of Directors. Rev. Crystal Bujol developed a mental training module for the BCTA and has now begun a successful BCTA youth tennis program in Gifford, Florida. Ken Zrike developed the BCTA website www.sedonatennis.com, and has now launched the global, ecommerce version of the SportsMatchmaker www.sportsmatchmaker.com, which many will recall, began right here in Sedona in partnership with the BCTA. It is a fully automated system through which players of all sports can find people of the same level to play with. Online enrollment is free!

Beverly is now dedicating her full attention to her 35 year profession as acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist. She is on the staff of Choices Integrative Health Center and has a private practice and can be reached at 204-9233.

Because of the unselfish contributions of all the aforementioned citizens, youth tennis throughout the Verde Valley is now well underway. Parents will be pleased to know that the innovative, high quality of youth tennis instruction established by the BCTA will continue to grow and develop under the capable direction of tennis professionals and youth educators Claudette Laliberte and Mary Bente. They will be joined by high schooler and outstanding player, Luke Dumyahn. For information about their tennis programs, please call The Sedona Parks and Recreation 282-7098 and VOCA 284-1821.