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2007/2008 Early Start Ratings

August 24, 2007 09:12 PM
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The 2007 Early Start Ratings for USTA League Tennis players are now available.

Please click the appropriate link to view the 2007/2008 Early Start Ratings:

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I am not listed, why?
This list only contains those players who were either self-rated this season OR were bumped up or down. If you are not listed that means you maintain your previous rating. To search for someone NOT listed here, please go to
http://national.usta.com and click "find a rating".

What do these ratings include? These ratings include only league results. It does not include sanctioned tournaments.

If I am a 4.0 player and get an early start rating of 4.5, can I still play in my league? Yes, you can finish out the season, as well as attend the sectional and national championships. You may not, however, begin a new season, such as the fall league.

What level can I play at sactioned tournaments? If you are a 4.0 player, but get a 4.5 early start rating, you can still play sanctioned tournaments as a 4.0 until next year or the end of year ratings come out.

What are the end of year ratings? The end of year ratings will include all league and sanctioned tournament results.

To Appeal an Early Start Rating, click here to download and Early Start Appeal form and fax it to 602-956-0527 Attention Bill Lucero.

No appeals will be accepted by telephone.

A Final Note

NTRP ratings are good for three years (2 years for those age 60 or older during 2007) unless superseded by the generation of a new rating from USTA Adult or Senior League play or NTRP tournament play.

Players that are granted appeals are still subject to Dynamic NTRP Disqualification if their rating hits the tolerance level 3 times within a league season.

Remember! NTRP ratings are generated from your match results, your opponents match results and their opponents match results.

Ratings are not calculated on your wins and losses alone!