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No More Waiting: Rating Appeals Are Now Automated!

June 2, 2007 04:35 PM

NTRP Appeals are now Automated!

Go to http://tennislink.usta.com/leagues and click Find A Rating

Input your USTA # to find your rating

On the far right of the screen you will now see a link called Appeal Rating

Click on Appeal Rating  and enter the requested information.  The player will recieve an instant decision.  This process is final.  All results are based on the National criteria and guidelines.

*All NTRP appeals to a valid comuter rating must be appealed online (excluding NTRP Medical appleals).  If you have questions, please contact your Local League Coordinator. Click here for your Local League Coordinator contact information. 


- All players, except national benchmarks, whose rating is within .05 above or below NTRP level will be granted.

- All players, except national benchmarks, who will be 60 years of age or older during the league year and whose rating is within .10 above or below will be granted an appeal.

- One year or older national benchmark whose rating is within .05 above or below NTRP level may be considered.

- Year old computer rating that falls within .10 above IF the next highest approved NTRP level is not available.

Medical Appeals

Medical appeals may be filed at anytime throughout the year. Those with an injury or medical condition that is permanent should file an NTRP medical appeal. The injury must have occurred or was aggravated subsequent of when the rating was generated. If a player generates a rating while playing with said permanent condition or injury and they have no information that substantiates a new medical condition or worsening of the present injury there are no grounds to appeal the rating. Proper documentation and a letter from a physician must accompany all medical appeals.

The guidelines for submitting an NTRP Medical Appeal are as follows:

Players may appeal their rating due to a permanent disabling injury or illness using the following criteria:

1. Must have occurred after the year-end rating was achieved

2. Include a written request to the Chairman of the appropriate NTRP Appeal Committee

3. Must be accompanied by an attending physician's evaluation of the injury and all other substantiating    information including the prognosis for recovery with a timeline

4. Include the 2007 NTRP Appeal form which must be completed and signed

5. Submit all of the above to the Section League Coordinator

• The NTRP Medical Appeal Committee will review all information and render a decision in writing

• Medical appeal of a National benchmark must be submitted through the section to the National League Administrator for decision

• The Section League Coordinator will inform the player of that decision