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Outstanding Facility Awards

May 24, 2007 07:36 PM

The USTA Southwest Section is now accepting applications for the USTA 26th Annual Facility Awards.  Applications are due July 6, 2007. 

Recognition will be given to outstanding public tennis facilites under the jurisdiction of (1) a parks and recreation department, (2) an educational institution, (3) a non-profit corporation or (4) a private and commercially owned and operated facilities with USTA and other growth programs open to the public.

The selection process is based on a completed application with layout of entire facility to scale and color photos of tennis courts, control center, permanent seating, landscaping, parking and if existent, lighting and any other special features of facility are sent to the Technical Committee.  The Facility Awards Committee, a subcommittee of the Technical Committee, meets to select the recipients.  The number of recipients selected depends on the quality of the applicants.

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