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Dear friends of tennis, we need your help.

April 11, 2007 08:58 PM

Dear friends of tennis, we need your help. Do you want to be able to see national tennis events right here in our own back yard? Would you like to play in your sectional and national tournaments without having to travel out of Maricopa county, if so we need you to act now.

The city of Surprise is in the process of building a new tennis facility that will be ready for play sometime the beginning of this summer.  After unanimously supporting the 25 court facility for over 2 years, a few weeks ago the city council in a politically motivated 4-3 vote, chose to downsize the number of tennis courts at the facility from 25 to 17. What this means is that the facility will not have the ability to attract regional, sectional, or national tournaments. The Surprise city council is coming up on a crucial vote this Thursday April 12th  to add the 8 courts back into the venue. We need to send a message to the council members that:

1. Regional, sectional, and national leagues and tournaments bring in significant revenue to the local economy (estimates are between 1.2 and 1.5 million per event)

2. A 25 court facility will bring national recognition and exposure whereas 17 does NOT possess the same impact as 25 courts.

John Austin is pursuing some very exciting event to be played there that we have never had the opportunity to host before.

Email all city council members now, with your support of the 25 court facility.

The city of surprise council memebers are

Mayor Joan Schaffer: joan.schafer@surpriseaz.com

Martha Bails: martha.bails@surpriseaz.com

Cliff Elkins: cliff.elkins@surpriseaz.com

Gwyn Foro: gwyn.foro@surpriseaz.com

Gary "Doc" Sullivan:  doc.sullivan@surpriseaz.com

Joe Johnson: joe.johnson@surpriseaz.com

Danny Arismendez:  danny.arismendez@surpriseaz.com

Please email these council members by Thursday morning if you can, the more people that show their support the better the chance we have to get the number of courts back to 25.