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USTA Announces Change in Junior Ranking System

February 20, 2007 05:00 PM

The United States Tennis Association has approved a change in the ranking system for juniors that will take effect on January 1, 2008.  In 2008, the USTA will no longer publish individual singles and doubles standings and rankings. Instead, the USTA will publish a combined ranking, which includes results from singles and doubles.

The USTA is making this change to encourage players to play more doubles and to reward players for their success in doubles. Moreover, the USTA feels playing doubles will help players with their overall development.

How it works:  The new ranking system will include results from singles matches and doubles matches in all tournaments that are now included in the calculations for the National Standing List and the year-end National Raking.  The points earned in singles competition will be combined with the points earned in doubles competition to form one final point total that will be used for the National Standing List and the National Ranking.  Players will receive credit for 100% of their singles points from their best eight (8) events along with 15% of their doubles points from their best eight (8) doubles events.  The chart below describes how the system will work:

Player X (a player with better singles results)
Best eight (8) singles tournaments = 1500 points
Best eight (8) doubles tournaments = 1200 points
15% of 1200 = 180 points
1500 180 = 1680 total combined ranking points

Player Y (a player with better doubles results)
Best eight (8) singles tournaments = 1200 points
Best eight (8) doubles tournaments = 1500 points
15% of 1500 = 225 points
1200 225 = 1425 total combined ranking points

Preliminary Lists
Throughout 2007, the National Standing List and year-end National Rankings will be published as normal.  Tracking of results for the calculation of the combined ranking will begin on January 1, 2007.  The USTA will publish a preliminary unofficial National Standing List in June 2007 so that players can see where they would stand under the Combined Ranking.  Thereafter a new preliminary unofficial National Standing List will be published monthly.

The first official list with the Combined Rankings will be published on Wednesday, January 2, 2008.  This list will include all events that would be normally included in the calculation of the National Standing List from January 2, 2007.  Monthly bonus point lists will be published as scheduled using the Combined Rankings.  Tournament acceptance lists and alternate lists will be created using the National Standing List of combined rankings.

Doubles Promotion
Throughout 2007 there will be more information on the efforts to promote and encourage doubles play.  It is anticipated that Sections may implement doubles-only tournaments to encourage play and give players valuable point earning opportunities.

Any questions about the Combined Rankings can be directed to your USTA Section Office or the USTA Junior Competition Department at 305-365-8782 or jrcomp@usta.com.