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Teaching Pro Needed

August 3, 2006 07:10 PM
Programs run by the Prescott Recreation Division, Prescott Valley Recreation Deptment, and Prescott YMCA are looking for an individual or individuals who feel comfortable with the goals of these programs.  The individual would instruct and help with these programs; programs consisting of clinics, camps, tournaments, and team tournaments.  It is a great opportunity for someone who has experience in Jr. Tennis, or for someone interested in getting into Jr. development.  Private lessons are also available. (1900 participants last 3 plus years)
Goals of the Prescott Area Programs:
Kids learn to play in a relaxed and effortless manner, allowing them to enjoy tennis and eventually learn to love tennis.

Kids develop a sense of personal competence in their skills, and then experiment with a variety of shots.

Kids learn to hit drive and underspin approach shots; learn to volley, half volley, and hit overheads; learn to hit a spin serve and to serve and volley.

Kids learn to hit a forehand and backhand with topspin, as well as learn a backhand and forehand chop. Kids are able to hit a backhand with one hand.

Kids learn strategy and tactics.

Kids learn to practice, compete, think on their own, adjust to mistakes, and handle pressure.

Kids learn to be creative, innovative, and develop their own individual style.

Kids become well rounded players, and become disciplined allowing them to succeed on and off the court.
If interested in this position or for information about the programs contact:   Ken Jackson  928.776.4245 or email to:  jackson@commspeed.net