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Grand Prix Tournament Rules

The Adult and Senior Grand Prix tournament schedule runs from January through December.  Current USTA membership is required to participate in these are age division tournaments.  The top four point earners in each age division, having played in a minimum of 3 tournaments, will qualify for the Grand Masters Tournament the following January. 

Doubles must be played with the same partner in order to qualify for the Grand Masters.  Players may participate in up to 3 events, no more than 2 in one category, no more than 2 singles or 2 doubles. This rule also applies to the Grand Masters Tournament.  Age divisions for singles, doubles and mixed doubles are open through the 80's.
Points are awarded as follows:

20 points for playing in the tournament
20 points for each match won
20 points for a "Bye" round if you win the next match
10 points for winning the tournament
10 points for each consolation match won
5 points for losing in 3 sets
When age groups are combined in tournaments, points will be awarded to the player in the age division originally entered. A player will be placed in a combined division only with his/her consent or their entry fee will be refunded.
If there is a difference between where a player/team actually played and the event they entered, the tournament must make a separate list indicating these changes and put it on the front of the draw that is turned into the USTA Phoenix and Southwest so the players can get credit for the events they originally entered. 

revised 08/30/02