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Adult Age Division Tournaments
Play in Adult Age Division Tournaments for a sectional or national adult ranking.  USTA membership is required.  Click here for a schedule. 

Adult/Senior Age Divison Grand Prix Points

National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP)

NTRP Tournaments
The NTRP Grand Prix is a series of sanctioned tournaments for adult USTA members who enter according to their NTRP levels.  Players are guaranteed two matches, as consolation matches will be held.  The NTRP Grand Prix series will conclude with the NTRP Grand Masters Invitational Tournament the following January.  In order to qualify for the Grand Masters Tournament, you must play a minimum of three tournaments during the year and be one of the top four point earners in a division; doubles must be played with the same partner in order to qualify.  Click here for a schedule.

NTRP Grand Prix Points

USTA Leagues
USTA League Tennis is the country's largest recreational tennis league, helping more than 295,000 players nationwide get on the court, have a good time, and step up their game.  The League is organized as competitive team match play.  Teams are made up of a minimum of five to eight players depending upon division.   League play lets you experience team camaraderie and gives you the opportunity to meet new people in your area as well as in other parts of the country.  Keep practicing, keep winning, and you may travel beyond your local league and compete in area, sectional, and national championships.  Teams and matches are set up according to NTRP ratings, so your teammates and opponents will be at your skill level.  Click here for more information.